Zionís Mission Statement  Zion Lutheran Church is committed to Godís mission in the world and will in partnership with Churchwide and the Central States Synod make use of all resources to provide opportunities for:   WORSHIP- We are a welcoming body of believers glorifying God through offering the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism, Healing Services, and the teaching of Godís Word for all.  SERVICE- We recognize and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of Zionís family.  USING ONEíS GIFTS- We encourage the use of the many God-given talents of Zionís family in the areas of music, leadership, instruction, financial stewardship and hospitality.  REACHING OUT- We witness and give aid to those in our community and the world through contributions to such programs as the local Emergency Energy Fund, the Hutchinson Food Bank, the ELCA and the Central States Synod, Lutheran World Relief, World Hunger and Church World Vision.
Zion Lutheran Church